Terms of Service


  1. The terms and conditions below govern the contractual relation between the provider of the website www.trademate.co.za (“vendor”) and its customer (“customer”).


  1. This website offers a web-based trading and investing journal to evaluate and improve the customers trading behaviour
  2. The service is currently in open beta, meaning that anyone can sign up and use the website for free until the service goes stable
  3. The service will be monthly subscription based service when it goes stable
  4. A trial version will be available for 2 months after the service goes live. Payment information may be required.
  5. The subscription can be cancelled at any time, where the cut-off date will be a month from the payment date
  6. Trademate reserves the right to make changes, improvements, alterations or amendments in and to the products, services, information and materials contained on this Web Site without notice and liability.


  1. The cost of the service is yet to be established
  2. The subscription cost is subject to change with 2 months notice


  1. The service will strive to be available at all times
  2. If the service drops below 95% availability for a month, refunds can be requested.
  3. Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox recent (2 year old) versions are supported. Internet explorer, Edge and any other browser is not explicityly supported although it will most likely work on these browsers.


  1. Analytics and Tracking: Anonymised usage data and statistics are tracked while you on on the website
  2. You and yours trading data will not be able to be viewed or read by any other service or entity
  3. Collective anonymised statistics and information on trading journal data will be analysed and displayed on the website.
  4. Your email address will be stored along with an encrypted salted password
  5. You amy receive emails from trademate from time to time, which you can opt out of receiveing.
  6. No third parties will be given any communiction and registration information


  1. The information and tools on the website do not constitute trading advice or investment advice

Consumer Information

  1. The product owner is Synergy Systems Online Pty. (Ltd.)
  2. Company registration number: 2014/140509/07

Questions / Comments

  1. If you have any questions or queries please contact: info@trademate.co.za